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AeroplaneOur quality kids school labels make it simple to identify any item from articles of clothing to items like food flasks, water bottles, shoes, books, stationery, pens, pencils, sports equipment, files, office equipment, cameras and more; anything with the potential for being lost or taken by others .. [more].

The idea of labeling kids belongings came about because of the constantBallons pile of clothes that were abandoned at my children’s school; I then needed to stay at home with my children and the opportunity to pursue it was born .. [more]

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CarInstructions to Apply Iron on Labels
Follow these simple instructions and ensure your iron on labels stay permanently attached on your clothes: These instructions are also included in every ordered package.

Before You Start: Empty any water out of your iron. Put your iron setting to middle (make sure it’s between minimum and maximum) and turn off the steam setting.. [more]

Below are samples of our Labels in use; please click on below to see a larger picture. Shop Here For All Our Kids Labels.

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