1. How do I order labels for my kids?

It’s easy. You can:
a. Order your kids labels here and pay into our bank account.
b. Call or contact us via WhatsApp on 08033266688 for more information.


2. Do the iron-on labels for clothes really stand being washed?

Yes, they can withstand being hand washed though they shouldn’t be scrubbed directly. Make sure they are placed on clothes that are turned inside out.

They have also been specifically designed to withstand being in the washing machine. The inks we use are also washing machine proof and more importantly do not contain chemical products which are potentially harmful for your children’s health.


3. What colors are the labels?

That’s Mine! Labels fabric labels are white while the text and the print is black.


4. Is it possible to print a picture on the iron-on labels?

For now, no. But we are looking to make this a feature in the coming months. The only products that have pictures presently are the Stick on Labels, Book Labels and Bag Tags.


5. Can one pack contain labels with different names and/or designs?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Each pack is printed with a same text and picture. To vary text and pictures, you may order several packs. And, don’t forget that for orders of 3 packs or more, we give you a 5% discount.


6. Is it possible to add a telephone number on the label next to the name?

Yes, as long as the total number of characters (including spaces) do not exceed 22. This will be on the 2nd or 3rd row.


7. What are the delivery costs?

This depends on the area and they are sent via Courier/EMS at a cost that is shown below:
Delivery fees charged depends on the region
1. Lagos – Varies between N800 & N1,500 depending on your location. 
3. Outside of Lagos – Costs from N2000 (via ABC Transport)
Please include delivery fees when paying for your order if it applies to you.


8. When can I expect to receive my order?

Once received, orders are processed within 2 days (although this delay can be slightly extended during peak ordering times), then sent via Courier/EMS.

Express orders (extra cost of N500) are processed within 24 hours and are also sent using Courier/Registered Post. Delivery will depend on the postal delivery service.

You can expect your orders within 4-5 working days of payment within Lagos and 6-7 working days of payment outside Lagos.


9. My labels arrived with a spelling mistake.

Our production process includes a thorough check of each order before it is dispatched. However, if we have made a mistake, do contact us and we will send you a new set of labels as per your original order. However, if the mistake is yours, we will unfortunately have to charge you for the replacement set.