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Products & Services

Labels make it simple to identify any item from articles of clothing to items like food flasks, water bottles, DVDs, shoes, books, stationery, pens, pencils, glue, bottles, sports equipment, files, office equipment, cameras and more: anything with the potential for being lost or taken by others.

Why Label Items and Clothes?
Children all too easily forget or lose their belongings, or are not yet able to recognize them. Also there are a lot of activities being done in groups e.g. after-school clubs, sport teams etc. and these might make identification of belonging(s) harder if put together and not labeled.

The benefits are endless:
1. Children will be able to identify their property
2. Less money to replace lost items
3. Deterrent to others taking your property
4. Less piles of unclaimed items at daycares, schools etc.
5. They are cool and funky

Who Should Label?
Think of children going to school, camp or for a sleepover; all their clothing can be identified with an ordinary iron-on label and all their property can be identified with a simple stick-on label. We understand the trouble any daycare provider experiences every day: it becomes immensely difficult to identify and manage each child’s clothes and extra belongings brought in by parents every day. Now, there’s That’s Mine! Labels to identify and manage children’s belongings easily. Any dropped toy, shoe removed, or bottle left in a corner of the classroom now becomes an afterthought to return to its rightful owner.

What of schools – primary or secondary? We know about the pile of clothing and items left behind that no-one seems to own! As the Head Teacher, ensuring that belongings are labeled will make returning them easier and stop all the announcements at the assembly. Hospital work wear can also be labeled to ensure that once things are washed and cleaned, the owners will get theirs with no confusion! At home, Parents can ensure that everyone knows their socks, pencils etc. and cool pictures can personalize it further!

Remember, the possibilities are endless!

Please watch out for new products that will be added in the coming weeks and months.

Go ahead and label it………………… let everyone know it’s yours!