Sew-on Labels

Sew On Labels For School Wears

Sew on Labels are great for keeping track of your children’s clothes. They are easily sewed on to nearly all types of fabrics and are durable.

Using sew on labels on your children’s clothes means that you won’t have to replace expensive school uniforms and other wears, saving you lots of money and hassle. Plus having your children keep track of their belongings helps to stop any anxiety or hassles and will give them a greater sense of responsibility and ownership.

Sew on labels are for clothes, uniforms, sport wears, house wears, bed sheets etc. Basically, anything that is worn by children in crèches, kindergarten, primary schools or secondary schools (day or boarding).


Sew-on Labels     Sew-on Labels


Sew On Labels As Clothing Labels

These labels are sewn on to your fabulous designs so that you brand can be known nationally and globally! They are printed in black, navy blue or red on white polysatin or other colours depending on what we have available.

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